The Proprietor - David Wilkinson

D.R. Wilkinson joined the firm at the end of 1947 and completed his cutting studies by 1949. In 1949, he began visiting The Netherlands under the subsidiary name of Kerslake & Dixon Ltd. The Kerslake & Dixon Ltd shop in Den Haag had closed during the 1930’s but there was still a significant customer base loyal to Kerslake & Dixon Ltd in Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These sales trips were vital for post war growth as we were able to order cloth far more easily on export orders.

In 1952, L.G. Wilkinson passed away and D.R. Wilkinson became proprietor of the family firm at the age of 25. After consolidating Kerslake & Dixon Ltd into the business, he looked to Germany for further export expansion. During 1954, he undertook the firm’s first sales trip to Germany with visits to Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Krefeld, Dortmund and Bonn. In the next decade, he included West Berlin, East Berlin, Hannover and Frankfurt as destinations. Krefeld and Dortmund were major textile oriented cities which were thriving during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Gradually, the customer base shifted from these cities to Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.


Between 1954 and 2004, L.G. Wilkinson undertook an average of three visits to Germany and The Netherlands. In 2006, D.R. Wilkinson passed away and his son, D.H. Wilkinson, took over the business. D.H. Wilkinson had worked for several years in Germany prior to 2006.

L.G. Wilkinson now undertakes eight visits to Germany and The Netherlands as well as regular visits to Austria, Switzerland, France, USA, Russia and Australia. In 2014, the firm celebrated 90 years at 11 St. George Street and 60 years of travelling to Germany.